Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan

The Riverina Murray Destination Management Plan 2018 is the key strategic document to drive and promote growth in the region’s tourism industry. The DMP identifies strategic development themes, priority projects and infrastructure that will encourage both private and public-sector investment in the tourism sector and stimulate increased visitation to the region.

Destination Riverina Murray will deliver the plan in partnership with Destination NSW, Murray Regional Tourism, Thrive Riverina, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, Local Governments and the tourism industry.

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The Riverina - Go With The Flow Campaign

On the 18th February 2019,  we officially launched our The Riverina – Go with the Flow campaign for the Riverina region. The campaign is led by Destination NSW in partnership with Destination Riverina Murray, Thrive Riverina and Riverina councils, and aims to appeal to couples aged 45 to 65 years.

Designed to create awareness and enhance the Riverina’s appeal as a holiday destination, the program of activity includes YouTube, Facebook and display advertising, native stories and PR activity.

We look forward to working with operators across the region to help maximise the campaign’s impact and further leverage additional benefits after a fantastic response to our industry sessions in Griffith, Tumut and Wagga earlier in the month.

Industry operators can now access the campaign toolkit (Password: Riverina)watch the campaign video and visit the campaign page on visitnsw.com where visitor experiences across the region are showcased under the themes ‘food and agritourism’ and ‘nature’.

Access Campaign Toolkit - Password 'Riverina'

The Value of Tourism to the Region

Every minute of every day, tourism delivers over $3,000 of visitor spend into the Riverina Murray economy – that equates to almost $4.6 million per day! This value has grown by over 30% in the last year alone and is forecast to continue as the region’s tourism sector matures and attracts more visitors. Read more about the impact of tourism on the region’s economy within the Value of Tourism Report for 2018.

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NSW First Program

Destination NSW delivers the NSW First Program to assist tourism businesses to develop, promote and sell their tourism products. It includes face-to-face workshops and online webcasts with a focus on free online and on-demand content, to cater to busy round-the-clock tourism businesses across NSW. Live webcasts offer ‘how-to’ insights on a range of topics for the tourism industry, with more events to be added to the calendar throughout the year.

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Destination NSW Resources

Develop Your Tourism Business

Develop great tourism experiences — whether you are just starting out or taking the next steps in your business. Gain a better understanding of the tourism industry, and get practical tips and insights for your developing business, creating market-matched products and standing out from the crowd.

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Promote Your Tourism Business

Promote your tourism experience through a range of channels, including digital marketing, media and via local networks, using wellplanned marketing tools. Find out how to get involved in Destination NSW opportunities to extend your marketing reach.

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Sell - Inbound Tourism Guide

This toolkit will give you all the information, tips and contacts you need to target Chinese travellers to NSW. Find out how to become market-ready for China, how to do business in China, what marketing opportunities are available and who the key industry contacts are including Destination NSW offices in-market.

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Research and Statistics

Riverina Visitor Statistics

Total visitors and nights spent in the region, accommodation used, top activities, visitor demographics and expenditure while in the region.

Riverina Visitor Statistics

Murray Visitor Statistics.

Total visitors and nights spent in the region, accommodation used, top activities, visitor demographics and expenditure while in the region.

Murray Visitor Statistics.

Local Government Area Profiles.

Visitor profiles and accommodation reports for LGA's are a useful resource for marketing and planning at the local destination level.

LGA Profiles.

The Regional Flagship Events Program

The Regional Flagship Events Program identifies and supports events in regional NSW that have the potential to act as a ‘cornerstone’ or flagship tourism event for their area by attracting overnight visitation and delivering long term benefits to the region.

Follow the step-by-step guide to understand how Destination Riverina Murray can assist you with your funding application for the Incubator Event Fund, Flagship Event Fund and Event Development Fund.


Incubator Event Fund

The Incubator Event Fund offers seed funding up to $20,000 to events in Regional NSW to support their first and second years of activity. The fund supports innovative events that demonstrate sound organisational planning, have a unique alignment with the character and culture of their local region and which can demonstrate a broad appeal likely to promote tourism and attract overnight visitation.

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Flagship Events Fund

The Flagship Event Fund identifies and assists the development of events that contribute to the unique character and culture of the tourism regions of NSW and can demonstrate that they attract overnight visitation. The Flagship Event Fund offers grants specifically to support marketing activities aimed at increasing visibility and attracting visitation to the event from outside its immediate area.

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Event Development Fund

The Event Development Fund supports events that have already received the maximum funding permitted through the Flagship Event Fund and can present a comprehensive strategy for future growth that includes the continued development of its tourism potential to drive overnight visitation to the event.

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Regional Tourism Fund

The NSW Government has announced $13 million in regional tourism funding, between 2016 and 2019, to support the regional tourism industry in NSW.

Follow the step-by-step guide to understand how Destination Riverina Murray can assist you with your application to the Product Development Program.


Regional Tourism Product Development Program

The Regional Tourism Product Development Program offers between $15,000 and $150,000 for eligible projects that satisfactorily meet the assessment criteria. The funding must be, at least, matched dollar-for-dollar.

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Regional Cooperative Tourism Marketing Program

Regional Cooperative Tourism Marketing Program is available to undertake a Cooperative Tourism Marketing Program which will be led by Destination NSW.

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Get Connected

Get Connected is Destination NSW’s website membership program. Simple and easy to use, Get Connected membership is free and is open to all tourism operators within New South Wales.

With Get Connected, Destination NSW gives you the opportunity to showcase your tourism products on Destination NSW consumer websites FREE of charge and tap into over 1.8 million potential customers a month, both domestic and international – that’s 22 million people a year who are looking for tourism products.

Follow this step-by-step guide to list your business on Get Connected.

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Image Library

Media and industry operators can search and download images for free from Destination NSW’s image library. The collection is constantly being updated and includes great images of city and regional destinations, experiences and events.

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Regional Conferencing and Business Events

Meet In Regional NSW

The Meet in Regional NSW website is designed to be a one-stop shop for business events organisers looking for a suitable location and/or venue as well as an education and support resource for venues and industry operators offering tips and tools of the trade to assist them in creating and attracting new business. List your venue on the site for free and access the business development tools.

List A Business Event Venue

NSW Regional Conferencing Toolkit.

The toolkit has been developed for rural and regional NSW suppliers and will assist them in: understanding the business events markets and current trends; identifying and developing target markets; building marketing networks; how to respond to event bids and requests for proposals; adding value to bids, tenders or proposals and developing ways to measure success, set goals and targets.

NSW Regional Conferencing Toolkit.